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Working application

Check out the live application ->

Spotify premium is required for the Web Playback SDK to play music. If you are using a free account, you can still browse the app, but it couldn’t play the music. Sorry about that 🤣

Check out the working game ->

The game has sound, wear your 🎧 or turn on your 🔊 for a better experience.

Source Code

If you like my work, feel free to:

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Please tweet and tag me @tuantrungvo for any issues that you are currently facing! Thanks for your understanding. Stay tuned!

I have received an overwhelming response for the Angular Jira clone (AJC) application. Thank guys for your support. I appreciate that you spend your time visiting my work and it means a lot to me.

So as I promised, this post will be the first tutorial on how I built AJC.

In case you don’t know what is that, check it out —


See this article for the detail.

Before starting

When I look at the AJC, it is not a big one, but not a small one either. I started to break the big task into a simple to-do…

Before following through the tutorial, you should know some basic stuff.

3. Package Manager: npm or yarn

4. RxJS operators: map, combineLatest and so on

5. Git

  • Push the changes to remote
  • Git merge and pull request

Note: Why involves using a command line? Which in the past…

There have been a handful of cool Jira-cloned apps written in React/VueJS, which makes me wonder Why not Angular? And here you go.

This is not only a simplified Jira clone built with Angular 9 but also an example of a modern, real-world Angular codebase.

Update September 2020

I have started writing the tutorials to build Jira clone from scratch, see all of the tutorials here ➡

Source code

Working application

Check out the live demo -

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and supporting me!

Who is it for 🤷‍♀️

I have been working with Angular for about four years. I built cool stuff at Zyllem but almost all of them are internal apps which is difficult to show.

This is a showcase application I’ve built in my spare time to…

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A young and passionate front-end engineer. Working with Angular and TypeScript. Like photography, running, cooking, and reading books.

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